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Digital Telephone Service

Cyberspace technology, down-to-earth application. Get Better Service, More Features, and Save Money

Welcome to the world of digital technology! Technology is revolutionizing the way media and communications are delivered: from analog cameras to digital cameras, old televisions to higher quality digital LCD, Plasma, and DLP screens, to music moving from CD players to MP3 players.

Are you still stuck with 100 year old traditional landline telephone service?

Say goodbye to you old telephone service provider and switch to Iready’s DigiPhone digital telephone service. It is better, offers more features, and saves you money.

Our digital telephone service makes use of your broadband Internet connection to make or receive telephone calls. Your broadband connection can be either ADSL or cable Internet. If you are not using broadband Internet connection at the moment we can provide you with ADSL broadband connection at a very attractive rate.

Read the details on the Membership page on how to get this new digital telephone service FREE!

Register for DigiPhone service – Talk is not Cheap; It is FREE!



Aug/05, 2005
Unlike traditional telephone service, you can activate your DigiPhone service within minutes. No waiting. No installation needed. Sign Up Today!

Feb/08, 2005
Today, Iready officially launched the DigiClub membership program and the Digiphone service. Sign up and stop paying any more phone bills. Big savings on your long distance calls too. From Feb 09 to Feb 13, come and visit our booth at the Lunar New Year Festival at Lansdowne Centre in Richmond, BC.